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The Ultimate Cleanse

Need a jump start to clean up your diet? I have just the cure for you! I have to give all the credit to my best friend Theresa who is a certified nutritionist, for finding this treasure. It’s a 3 step 10 day colon cleanse that removes old build up along the colon wall. Read More about “The Ultimate Cleanse”

Workout Week

Is CrossFit intimidating? To outsiders, yes CrossFit is full of gritty, iron pumping monkeys. Over a year and a half ago I was a lost fragile little girl who only knew how to run. I never thought I would now be deadlifting my body weight. My CrossFit journey began at a YMCA with the help and guidance of my highly CrossFit trained husband.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I remember like it was yesterday. Bowing back to the smiling girl at the register, pointing to the items on the takeout menu, repeating “HAI” to confirm my order and quickly mumbling “DOMO ARIGATO.” That was pretty much how I communicated to most restaurant servers and store clerks in Okinawa. Read More about “Chicken Lettuce Wraps”