Avocado Tzatziki Sauce

I’m a Bachelor SAP. Please tell me you watch the show The Bachelor on ABC. Tonight is the premier for Bachelor Ben!!! Eeeek! Let me know what ya think of Ben & the contestants. I think the show is ridiculous but so much fun to watch. Hubby & I are placing bets on who Ben will choose… will reveal our answeres after the show.

Looove this Avocado Tzatziki Sauce. It’s so incredibly tasty & refreshing. I can eat it by the spoonful. I actually look forward to eating more veggies with it. The perfect snack to munch on while watching the bachelor. I cooked a batch of the Greek meatballs to go with too that I recommend you try.

I’m team Jennifer and my husband is team Olivia! Who is your pick??


Avocado Tzatziki
Avocado Tzatziki Sauce


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