Hearty Chili

Inside the cabin I sit warm and cozy next to a blazing wood burning stove. It’s the last weekend of deer hunting season and so I wait listening for shots to be fired from either my husband’s rifle or his father’s rifle. No phone service, no tv, nothing but peace and quiet. A beautiful quiet I haven’t experienced in awhile. And away I read (All The Light We Cannot See). There’s nothing sweeter than being book bound. As the sun sets I see blaze orange camo in the distant field headed my way. My husband and his father return empty handed. Although, not until early next morning my husband shoots his buck.  

Deer Hunting Adventure

It was thirty years ago the year my husband was born when his parents set up camp in rural Wisconsin. Camp one was built from scratch by my father-in-law. Sadly, in the year ’05 the cabin was burnt to the ground. Thankfully nobody was there at the time. Investigators never found an answer as to what caused the fire. And so camp two was built. Despite the loss of their first cabin, so many fond memories are made on this rich wooded land year after year. My husband was just nine years old when he shot his first deer. He was taught by his father to shoot expert and to be the true outdoorsman he is today. A very fitting thirtieth deer hunting season at Camp two, celebrating 101 deer kills. 

Hunter Chic
Hunter Chic

A not so glamorous weekend for me, freezing my toes off in no man’s land. I complained maybe once or twice, but seeing my ruggedly handsome man in action was worth the pain! I have a new appreciation for the sport of hunting. I surprised myself by making the trip. I could have easily stayed home and shopped the black Friday sales, seen a movie or treated myself to a pedicure. I thought it important to spend time with my husband and do what he loves to do. I challenge YOU to do the same and take interest in a hobby of your loved one. I want to hear about it!!! Just this week I stuffed our freezer full of the ground venison from our buck. A double win for us, saving money and eating healthy. Venison is so much lean and more nutritious than beef. Check out this article for the healthy scoop on venison. I decided to cook this very flavorful chili to mix with the venison. I found this oh so delicious hearty chili recipe. I added a chopped red bell pepper to the chili ingredients and baked a large spaghetti squash to add as a side in substitute to noodles or rice. 



Click Here for Recipe

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