Love at Sephora

Pastels, matte, gloss, shimmer, glow, radiate, au naturel, bronze goddess, flawless bride, ENDLESS options to compliment your look at Sephora! Love at Sephora begins the second you step foot inside a store and are cheerfully greeted and steered in the right direction. Test any product you like! Ask a makeup artist for a makeover! Have a skin care question? The knowledgeable staff will resolve your issue! Talk about makeup mecka.

Like clockwork every three months, I pick up my Bobbi Brown foundation at the nearest Sephora. And every time just before entering the store I repeatedly tell myself not to buy anything else. I lose my mind looking at the bright lipsticks and the new shadow brushes. Did you see the new mist airbrush blush?! Once I grab a basket, I become a mad, impulsive shopper. It’s a downward spiral of basket filling. At checkout, I feel guilty about my splurge. But WAIT! My nifty rewards card bought me a gift! The gift is typically a small 4oz bottle of a new product you will obsess over! 

 My Sephora List,

Bobbi Brown skin foundation SPF 15 {in warm ivory}

Bobbi Brown skin weightless powder foundation {in warm ivory}

Sephora colorful eyeshadow filter palette {soft & sun inspired}

Sephora dramatic volume mascara {ultra black}

 My freebie,

St. Tropez self tan classic bronzing mousse {4oz $32 value}

Love at Sephora
Love at Sephora
For Mom on Mother’s Day, buy a few brilliant finds at Sephora or go the easy route and get her a Sephora gift certificate. I know my Mom would LOVE it.
In light of MDAY, I have to give credit to my Mom for teaching me how to look presentable on a daily basis. I have NEVER seen my Mom leave the house without wearing lipstick. Even as a little girl, when she looked after me at home all day long, I remember her looking so beautiful with her rosy cheeks and red stained lips. If I recall, I was twelve years old when she introduced me to makeup. All I needed was a touch of color on my pale lips. Thanks to her I didn’t look all that bad in my school photos! As you can see, growing up with four brothers had no effect what so ever on my girliness. Church was always the big event of the week for my family, and because I was too young to care really about my Mother’s taste in clothing, I let her pick out my Sunday outfits. The bright floral dresses with lace collars, the classic white stockings, the hair ribbons, and bows. My Mom dressed me as if I was a doll! Moving into my early teen years, I like every other kid developed poor posture. My Mom quickly straightened my shoulders by placing a book on top of my head to balance! From then on, I’ve had great posture! 
I trust my Mom’s judgement because she radiates with class and elegance. She knows color, patterns, textures, and shapes. If I need an honest opinion, I know I will get an honest answer from her. Sometimes she can be too honest!! LOL, I appreciate that part of our relationship because well, let’s be real ladies, sometimes the men in our lives don’t see eye to eye with us! 

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