Workout Week: Be Spontaneous

 Hey, guys! I’m soaking in every ray of sunshine on my weekend off from work. I love not working. If I didn’t have bills to pay, I would not work. Instead, I would fill my days doing great things and blogging about it. I could never be bored. I hear a lot from people, especially those that are close to retirement, they would not know what to do with their time off. I cannot relate to them. In my eyes, they are from another planet.

My in-laws are a perfect example of how to live it up for retirement. They don’t have an unlimited fund of money, but they are extremely frugal. My mother-in-law can get some income by writing children’s books about all the places they’ve traveled. She loves writing, and she thinks of it as a hobby and not work. They are constantly on the web searching for the best deals to either fly, drive, or take a cruise. Some of the best cruise deals they’ve booked so far are either far in advance or super last minute. The key to getting a cheap cruise or flight is booking at the oddest times. Time is on their side because they have the flexibility.
They even took a cruise from California to Japan to visit us. It only took them thirty days to get to us! Their cruise was affordable because not many people could take the time or want to take the time to be on a boat for that long. I love that they make their life spontaneous.
My husband and I were super spontaneous last week by competing against each other in a CrossFit WOD. It was no exotic cruise, but we had so much fun! We never get to workout together because we have opposite schedules. My husband got home from work early on my day off to hangout and asked if I’d want to workout with him. I said sure what the heck, let’s hit the garage. I already exercised that day, but I couldn’t turn down his challenge.
The WOD consisted of 15 thrusters, 21 sumo deadlift high pulls, 12 thrusters, 15 sumo’s, 9 thrusters, and 9 sumo’s. The workout itself only took us 7:31 minutes to complete. I wish I had recorded us on video because of how close I was to beating his ass! I was only ten seconds behind him. There was a lot of huffing and puffing and bar bell dropping.
Most of my time CrossFitting is spent alone. I workout from home and prefer the seclusion. Although, after this sesh with my husband I think I need to invest in more gym time with him. I think it’s healthy to want to kick your partner’s ass! I talked to my CrossFit buddy from CA and we both agreed too to a healthy WOD competition once or twice a month to keep us on our toes.
Being spontaneous doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or take off from work. Just Get out there and have fun with someone! 

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Music Jam for the Workout Week:

Malibu (The Him Remix)

Sunday- CrossFit WOD

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Hang squat cleans using dumbbells
Handstand push-ups 

Monday- CrossFit WOD

3 Mile Run 

For time:
clean and jerk, 60 reps

Tuesday- Rest Day

Wednesday- Row 5,000 m

Thursday- CrossFit WOD


21-15-9 reps for time of:
80lb. cleans
Ring dips

Friday- CrossFit WOD

21-15-9-9-15-21 reps for time of:

Saturday- Rest Day 

Workout Week: Be Spontaneous

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