Workout Week: Family visiting + The Bachelorette recap

Good Monday to you! How was your weekend? Are you getting out there and doing fun stuff? I worked all weekend. Most people in D.C. work Monday through Friday and are unable to make it to the salon during the week. That leaves Saturday’s and Sunday’s to be their time to get to the salon. Lucky me, if I want to make money I have to be available during those days. I’ve always worked Saturday’s, but never Sunday’s until recently. Since being a new homeowner, all I want is everything from the Crate & Barrel catalog for my house. I can’t expect my husband to work all the time, which he already does, so I had to step up and suck it up.

I’m super excited about having next weekend off from work to hang out with my husband and his parents. I don’t know many people who like to be with their in-laws. Mine are awesome. They will be our first guests staying in our new home. I’m not sure how long they intend to stay for, but I’m totally cool with that. I know they will be a huge help around the house. There are a few random problems my father-in-law will be able to fix. He is bringing his tool collection for us to keep like a chainsaw we need to chop up the limbs of a tree we are having cut down. I hate to see the tree go, but it’s hanging over our neighbors newly built home. I really don’t want to get sued for when the tree falls on their house.
My husband and I will try not to work his parents to death and fit in a few fun things. We got tickets for a polo match and a wine tasting. We will hit up some restaurants and explore a bit! My husband and I are only a year new to VA, so there’s a lot to see. 
I’m super excited for The Bachelorette episode three tonight! After the premier of the show, I didn’t know what to think about the guys and could not pick my top guys for Rachel. There were just too many dudes to choose from. After watching last week’s second episode, I had a pretty good feeling about who Rachel was digging. There are only a few of gentlemen I think will go far on the show. 
My Winner List for Rachel:
  • Peter hands down because he’s not only from my home State of Wisconsin, but he is the “McDreamy” of this season. 
  • Dean because his teeth are perfect and he is so so sweet!
  • Kenny because he keeps it real and stays out of the drama. He seems very caring because he talks a lot of good about his daughter.
  • Jamey because I like his singing.

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Music Jam for the Workout Week:

Know No Better by Major Lazer

Sunday- CrossFit WOD

For time:
30-cal. row
20 burpee box jump-overs
10 odd-object cleans

Monday- CrossFit WOD

3 rounds for time of:
20 one-legged squats with a dumbbell, alternating
30 sit-ups

Tuesday- CrossFit WOD

Row 5,000 m

Wednesday- Rest Day

Thursday- CrossFit WOD


6 rounds for time:
25 pull-ups
50-ft. front-rack lunge
25 push-ups
50-ft. front-rack lunge

Friday- CrossFit WOD

15-12-9 reps for time of:
shoulder presses

Saturday- 3 Mile run 

Workout Week: Family visiting + The Bachelorette recap

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