Workout Week: New Start

Why is it that on your day off from work you set yourself a mile long to-do list and none of it gets done?! I had that kind of day last week. I blame my failures entirely on the crappy weather. Colder temperatures and rain put me in a crummy mood. Everything I tried to accomplish was such a struggle. By the time I finished cooking dinner, I was thinking how I should have spent my day binge watching Netflix. I would have had a much needed chill, zen day.

Not only did I fail to complete anything on my to-do list, but I also failed at following through my short-term goal of clean eating. I was a clean eating machine for the entire week until my husband brought home s’mores to roast over the fire Saturday night. How cute is he to think of that?! I could not resist and to top it off we split a bottle of wine and two beers! We got a little carried away. We haven’t drunk like that in a longgggg time. Totally worth it though because we needed a carefree night after being so incredibly busy with work and the house.
Now that I got that out of my system, I’m starting fresh today. I love Monday’s for new beginnings. Over the last couple of years of doing fitness and nutrition, I’ve learned that treating yourself in moderation is perfectly healthy as long as you know how to stop and get back to your health goals. I found great happiness and satisfaction by living this way. Balance is key and sounds so stupidly easy, but you do have to work on it to perfect it.

Music Jam for the Workout Week:

Call on Me by Ryan Riback Remix

Sunday- Rest Day

Monday- CrossFit WOD


For time:
Row 1200 meters
Then, 14 rounds of:
5 strict pull-ups
4 burpee box jumps, 24-in. box
3 cleans
Row 1200 meters

Tuesday- CrossFit WOD

On the C2 rower, 10 rounds of:
Pull a sub-1:30/500-m pace for as long as possible
Rest 1 minute

Wednesday- 3 Mile Run 

5 rounds for time of:

25 superman’s

50 abmat sit-ups

Thursday- CrossFit WOD

15 rounds for time of:

5 air squats

5 knees-elbows

5 pull-ups

Friday- CrossFit WOD

For time:
thrusters, 15 reps
sumo deadlift high pulls, 21 reps
thrusters, 12 reps
sumo deadlift high pulls, 15 reps
thrusters, 9 reps
sumo deadlift high pulls, 9 reps

Saturday- Rest Day

Workout Week: New Start

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