Workout Week: Poison Ivy

Well, gooooood Monday guys! I’m just going to jump right into it. For the last three weeks, I’ve been dealing with the most horrid rash on my arms and legs. I got the rash in my backyard from the evilest plant on the planet called poison ivy. I don’t wish poison ivy on my worst enemy. I hope none of you ever have to experience what I just went through. Be careful out there and keep an eye out for the three-leafed devil!

Three Sunday’s ago, my husband and I slathered on sunscreen and tick spray, excited to get working in our new yard. Sunburn and bugs were our priority to avoid. We didn’t think to prepare for war against a plant! Poison ivy never crossed our minds. I spent a good portion of the day picking, pulling, digging every weed and vine along the fence line in our front yard. I’m dripping in sweat while my husband is cruising along on his mower. I totally had the tougher job! By the end of the day, our yard looked emasculate. We even toasted to wine admiring our hard work.
The very next morning, I wake up to big, swollen, red bumps on my lower legs and forearms. In a panic, I toss my sheets off the bed frantically searching for spiders or anything that bit me! I spotted a tiny little spider on the ceiling thinking he was my attacker. I go about my day thinking these bites are annoying but will soon go away. By dinnertime, the bumps are super itchy. I have nothing at home to relieve the itch, and so I hop in my car and go to CVS. I grab everything I could find for itch relief from bug bites. I popped a Benadryl that night and woke up the next morning to dozens of smaller, itchier oozing bumps. I knew then that it was poison ivy. I had it a few times as a kid, but never this bad.
I was scheduled to work that day and prepared my poor, inflamed skin the best I could. I took an Aveeno bath with baking soda which helped relieve the itch a great deal. I poured apple cider vinegar all over my body to rid the poison ivy toxin from my skin. Then I drenched the bumps with calamine lotion and wrapped the worst parts with bandages. I would repeat this twice a day for the next week. I was relieved to be able to hide it by wearing long sleeves and pants. The trouble was finding something loose enough so the fabric wouldn’t rub against the wounds irritating it. I was able to get through most of the day without touching the rash. No one at work knew the agony I was feeling. I didn’t want to freak anybody out knowing it wasn’t contagious. By the time I finished work and walked to my car, I couldn’t bare the burning, itching sensation. I felt as if I was on fire. I had a hellish hour long drive home. As soon as I got home, I jumped into the tub and soaked until the itch went away.
By Friday I was doing worse. I thought I could manage on my own, but the rash spread. I was a hot mess. I got a prescription for steroid tablets for the next six days. Within the first hour of taking steroids, I felt so much better. By the end of my prescription, the rash was clearing up. After a second visit from the doctor, I was prescribed another round of steroids just to be sure we rid it completely. After twelve days of steroids and Benadryl, I’m just about cured. I’m spotting now which makes me look like I’m shooting up. The next and final step is to treat my spots with an anti-scaring cream.
I’m so incredibly relieved and happy to be over this. Poison ivy is not for the weak. For the last few weeks, all my free time was to treat the rash. It was such a distraction. I couldn’t workout, sleep, or even just sit. The blissful days of walking around the yard are over. Since my rash, I’ve developed a phobia against all things green. My husband doesn’t ever want me working outside. I can’t argue with him!

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Workout Jam for the Workout Week:

In the Arms of a Stranger (Grey Remix)

Sunday- CrossFit WOD

For time:
1,200-m row
Then, 12 rounds of:
4 pike push-ups
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
12 squats

Monday- CrossFit WOD

For time:
60-ft. handstand walk
10 toes-to-bars
10 double kettlebell deadlifts
60-ft. handstand walk
12 toes-to-bars
12 double kettlebell deadlifts
60-ft. handstand walk
14 toes-to-bars
14 double kettlebell deadlifts
60-ft. handstand walk
16 toes-to-bars
16 double kettlebell deadlifts

Kettlebells should be heavy. If you don’t have heavy kettlebells or dumbbells, use 2 barbells.

Tuesday- Row 3,000 Meters

Wednesday- CrosFit WOD

For time:
100-ft. dumbbell overhead walking lunge
100 double-unders
50 wall-ball shots
15-ft. rope climb, 10 ascents
50 wall-ball shots
100 double-unders
100-ft. dumbbell overhead walking lunge

Thursday- CrossFit WOD

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Dumbbell snatches
Ring dips

Friday- CrossFit WOD

ROW- 200 m


ROW- 400 m


ROW- 800 m


ROW- 1,000 m

Saturday- Rest Day 

Workout Week: Poison Ivy






















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